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 CS506 Final Term Paper Web Designing & Development (New)

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PostSubject: CS506 Final Term Paper Web Designing & Development (New)   Sat Jun 25, 2011 3:21 pm

CS506 Final Term Paper
Web Designing & Development

5 Marks Questions:

1: What is difference between JSP custom tags and Beans?
2: Which technology is used in Java to support following layers?
3: Why Session tracking is necessary?

3 Marks Questions:
4: Difference between forward and sendRedirect?
5: Why do we use Servlets as controller instead of JSP?
6: Why do we use JSP Action elements? What are their formats?
7: EJBs and JSP/Servlets run on which types of services.
8: How does multithreading take place on a computer with a single CPU?
9: How can a GUI component handle its own events?

2 Marks Questions:

10: Describe Servlet context?
11: Why do we use client side validation?
12: Why do we use c:remove tag in JSTL?
13: Write down any two basic features of HTTP protocol.
14: Write down the syntax to attach a File Reader and File Writer streams to consol.
15: What are implicit objects? List any two.
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CS506 Final Term Paper Web Designing & Development (New)
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