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 STA301 Final Term Paper Spring2011

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PostSubject: STA301 Final Term Paper Spring2011   Sat Jul 16, 2011 3:05 pm

STA301 Final Term Paper Spring2011
2 Marks
1)If x2 =1.001 by fitting the binomial distribution with 2 degrees of freedom, find the critical value. use a= 0.05.
2)If we draw a card from an ordinary deck of 52 cards. Can king and diamond be mutually exclusive events? Give reason to support your answer.
3)Suppose that we toss a fair coin three times. What is its sample space?
4)Why we take B2 =3 as the criteria for measuring the kurtosis of any distribution?
5)Define level of significance?
6)How we decide that the drawn sample is “Small sample” or a “large sample”?
3 Marks
7)If mean of a distribution is 0.925 and standard deviation is 0.132. Find out the limits by applying chebychev’s inequality for k=2. How much fraction of data will lie between the twolimits?
8)If E(XY)=7.5, E(X)=2.4 and E(Y)=4.3, calculate covariance of X and Y.
9)Hypothesis se question tha
10)Z-test ka formula complete kerna tha ek(dun have math type to write)
11)Write down the two properties of sampling distribution of proportion p’, when the sampling is performed with replacement?
12)What is natural pairing in observations?Give example.
5 Marks
13)Interpret the concept of five numbers summary and also explain the purpose of five number summary.
14)What is the probability that a poker hand of 5 cards contain exactly 1 ace(hypergeaometric dist.)?
15)If n=11, x’(X bar)=36.33, var=55.5, a=0.10
Test the hypothesis u>31.
16)From the table given below find the value of chi square

Obvervation Frequency Oij Expected Frequency Eij
120 100
130 150
80 100
170 150


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STA301 Final Term Paper Spring2011
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