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 ENG101 Final Term Paper Spring2011

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PostSubject: ENG101 Final Term Paper Spring2011   Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:59 am

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Current Paper ENG101

There were 40 mcq’s of 40 marks and rest of the questions are shown below

Recall your knowledge about ‘Making inferences’ and identify the statements as True/False. 2 marks

1. We make inference when the information is clearly stated.

2. When the meanings of words are not stated clearly in the context of the text, they may be implied.

What is a topic sentence? 2 marks

Underline the “Cause” in the first sentence and “Effect” in the second. 3 marks

1- The boy knew the answer, so he raised his hand.

2- Ahmad could not complete his assignment because he forgot his notebook at home.

What are the six main tenses in English language? 2 marks

Rearrange these sentences. 3 marks

1. refuse many to walk times students a day four or five

2. bus is to dance driver that expected

3. to talk promises every week Julie other

Identify Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences from the following. 3 marks

Sara began planning her summer vacation in December.

Because I left the play early, I missed the surprise ending.

Tanya was invited to a party, so she wants to buy a new outfit.

Write the correct prefix in the blanks to make negative forms of the adjectives. 5 marks

1. The new house is not _____similar to our old one except that it's a bit bigger.

2. The organization insists that it is _____political and does not identify with any one particular party.

3.The ownership of the painting remains _____clear.

4.We're living in an _____perfect world.

5.Whether the book is well or badly written is _____material to me - it has an important

Briefly explain any two principles of note taking. 3marks

Change each underlined noun to the correct possessive form. Type your answer in the given space. (3marks

1. The guess of anybody is as good as mine.

1. _____________ guess is as good as mine.

2. We heard the voices of the children clearly in the lounge.

2. We heard the _________ voices clearly in the lounge.

3. The wipers on your car need to be replaced.
3. Your ______wipers need to be replaced.

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ENG101 Final Term Paper Spring2011
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