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 CS607 Quiz#3 Artificial Intelligence

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PostSubject: CS607 Quiz#3 Artificial Intelligence   Sun Jul 24, 2011 10:25 pm

CS607 Quiz Artificial Intelligence

Question # 1
Artificial Neural Networks is a new learning paradigm which takes its roots from _________ inspired approach to learning.

 Chemistry
 Physics
 Mathematics

Question # 2
Fuzzy inference systems (FIS) have multidisciplinary nature.

 False

Question # 3
In ANNs, MSE is known as

 Most Squared Error
Mean Squared Error
 Medium Squared Error
 None of the given

Question # 4
Inductive learning is based on the knowledge that if something happens a lot it is likely to be generally _________

 False
 Ambiguous
 None of the given

Question # 5
The input of the aggregation process is the list of truncated output functions returned by the _________ process for each rule.

 Truncation
 Aggregation
 None of the given

Question # 6
Aggregation only occurs once for each output variable, just after the fifth and final step, defuzzification.

 False

Question # 7
Decision trees give us disjunctions of conjunctions, that is, they have the form: (A AND B) _______ (C AND D).

 None of the given

Question #8
Mamdani's method was among the first _____________ built using fuzzy set theory.

Control Systems
• Expert Systems
• Decision analysis Systems
• None of the given

Question #9
Outputs of learning are determined by the ___________

• Validation
• Training
• None of the given

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CS607 Quiz#3 Artificial Intelligence
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