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 CS607 Quiz#1 Artificial Intelligence

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PostSubject: CS607 Quiz#1 Artificial Intelligence   Mon Jul 04, 2011 12:25 pm

Quiz#3 CS607

Question # 2
A rule, which takes a set of inputs and gives advice as a result, is called
Select correct option:

Recommendation Rule
Directive Rule
Relation Rule
None of the given options

Question # 3 Within an expert system, the ______________ contains facts about a specific subject area and rules that express the reasoning procedures of an expert on the subject.
Select correct option:
Inference engine
Knowledge engineer
Knowledge base
None of the given options

Question # 4 An equipment calibration expert system is an example of an expert system in the application category of:
Select correct option:
Decision management
Process monitoring/control

Question # 5
An alternative method is the longest-matching strategy. This method involves firing the conclusion that was derived from the _______________.
Select correct option:
Longest rule
Shortest rule
Complex rule
Forward chain rule

Question # 6 Expert systems are an application in what area of artificial intelligence?
Select correct option:
Cognitive science
Computer science
Natural interface applications

Question # 7
IF A THEN B This can be considered to have a similar logical meaning as the following:
Select correct option:
A -> B
A <-> B
A <- B
None of the given

Question # 8
____________ are able to override the normal rules in expert systems.
Select correct option:
Meta rules
Conflict resolution rules
Forward chain rules
None of the given options

Question # 9
In the statement “IF A THEN B”, A is called
Select correct option:

Question # 10
Identify the correct statement to list facts numbers 1 through 10
Select correct option:
clips> (facts 1 10)
clips> (facts 1 to 10)
clips> (facts 10)
clips> (facts 1)

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CS607 Quiz#1 Artificial Intelligence
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