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 CS201 Quiz Introduction to Programming C++ [4]

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PostSubject: CS201 Quiz Introduction to Programming C++ [4]   Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:05 pm

CS201 Quiz Introduction to Programming C++ [4]

If we write a statement like s2 = s1; ___ will be the calling object and ____ will be passed to the = operator as an argument.
► s1, s1
► s1, s2
► s2, s1
► s2, s2

What will be the output of following statement?
cout << setfill(‘0’) << setw(7) << 128 ;

► 0000128
► 0128128
► 1280000
► 0012800

The stream insertion and extraction operators are not already overloaded for _______
► Built-in data types
► User-defined data types
► Both built-in and user-defined types
► None of the given options

Constructors can not be overloaded like ordinary functions.
► True
► False

Overloaded new operator function takes parameter of type size_t and returns
► void (nothing)
► void pointer
► object pointer
► int pointer

Which of the following is the correct way to declare a variable x of integer type?
► x int ;
► integer x ;
► int x;
► x integer

Reserve words cannot be used as a variable name.
► True
► False

A template function must have at least ---------- generic data type
► Zero
► One
► Two
► Three

Template functions can also be overloaded
► True
► False

We can not make a member function of a class as template function.
► True
► False

When break statement is encountered in switch statement, it
► Stops the entire program
► Stops the execution of current statement
► Exits from switch statement
► None of the given options

We can also define a variable of user define data type (object) as static.
► True
► False
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CS201 Quiz Introduction to Programming C++ [4]
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