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 CS506 Quiz Web Design and Development

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PostSubject: CS506 Quiz Web Design and Development   Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:39 pm

CS506 Quiz Web Design and Development

Question No: 1
From the following; which component is/are used in directory Structure of web components:

► index.htm, JSP, Images etc.
► Web-inf, web.xml
► Classes, servlets classes
► lib, jar files
All of these

Question No: 2
From following; which is the main reason that enters a thread into dead state:

► a)It dies a natural death because thread completes its execution.
► b)It is killed because someone invoked its stop method.
► Both a and b.
► None of these.

Question No: 3
RPC stands for

► Remote Personal Computer (RPC)
Remote Procedure Calls (RPC).
► Remote Procedure Client (RPC)
► None of these

Question No: 4
From the following which one is not a built-in validator?

► DoubleRangeValidator
► LongRangeValidator
► LengthValidator

Question No: 5
The ___________ represent the state of compone

► View
► Controller
► Component

Question No: 6
The following value of JavaBean’s scope attribute has local variable.

► Request
► Session
► Application

Question No: 7
Which of the following is not part of http response?

Result Code
► Header fields
► Body

Question No: 8
Which of the following range of response code indicates that request was successful?


Question No: 9
DSN stands for _______

1. Data System Name
2. Domain system Name
3. Data Source Name
4. Database System Name

Question No: 10
CREATE, ALTER, DROP are _________ SQL statements.

1. DML
2. DDL
3. DCL
4. None of given

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CS506 Quiz Web Design and Development
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