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 MGT501 Quiz (Human Resource Management) Quiz#2

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PostSubject: MGT501 Quiz (Human Resource Management) Quiz#2   Sun Nov 27, 2011 4:25 pm

MGT501 Quiz
Human Resource Management

Question # 1 of
When Job analysis Is not performed?
Select correct option:
When the organization is founded
When new jobs are created
When we have already completed job analysis for similar kinds of jobs
When jobs are changed significantly

Question # 2
Org abs is hiring the line managers for the vacant positions, which type of skill set they will prefer during hiring new candidates?
Select correct option:
High level of technical education with least conceptual skills.
Lower level of technical skills with interpersonal skills
Minimum conceptual skills with human skills
High level of conceptual skills with least technical education

Question # 3
___________is the process of systematically reviewing human resource requirements to ensure that the required number of employees, with the required skills, is available when they are needed.
Select correct option:
Human resource planning
Succession Planning
Succession Development
None of the given option

Question # 4
Working in the HR department with org abs Ahmed was asked to prepare a document containing the minimum acceptable qualifications that a person should possess in order to perform managerial job. He is involved in writing:
Select correct option:
Job description
Job specification
Job identification
Job analysis

Question # 5
An organization operates in:
Select correct option:
An isolated system
A closed system
A clogged system
An open system

Question # 6
Miss A is interviewing Miss B. She jumps to a conclusion about her during first few minutes of interview. This error is known as
Select correct option:
Snap judgment
Candidates order error
Negative emphasis

Question # 7
All of the following are sources of workforce diversity, EXCEPT:
Select correct option:

Question # 8
Which of the following is NOT included in the domain of Organizational Behavior?
Select correct option:
None of the above

Question # 9
Org abs wants to change the way the functions are performed .Management has decided to sale off the portion of the company for making it more efficient and therefore more profitable. This is called _____ process:
Select correct option:

Question # 10
Which of these functions is affected by external influences?
Select correct option:
All of given options

Question # 11
Ahmed was Working in the HR department with org abs. he was asked to take part in the process by which he will determine the nature and responsibilities Of the managerial jobs in head office. Which of following activity is being performed by him ?
Select correct option:
Job identification
Job specification
Job description
Job analysis

Question # 12
Ahmed has already negative perception about two candidates who are in the list of Candidate’s pool .what will be the best way to avoid biasness in the interview ?
Select correct option:
Ahmed should change his negative feelings into positive ones.
It’s better to conduct written test instead of interview

Question # 13
For calculating future staffing needs Ahmed the human resource manager at ABC is computing the number of employees in his firm at the end of each of last five years. Which of following forecasting method is being used by him?
Select correct option:
Trend analysis
Regression analysis
Ratio analysis
None of them

Question # 14
Org abs wanted to increase their organization’s productivity .They have decided to focus On the increase of output per employee .so what will be final effect on organization’s Productivity?
Select correct option:
Higher the organization’s productivity
Lower the organization’s productivity
Remain unaffected
Can be high and low

Question # 15
How do companies facilitate workforce diversity?
Select correct option:
By relying on external support systems for minority workers
By encouraging employees to challenge beliefs and values of other employees
By organizing social activities
By reinforcing traditional values

Question # 16
An attempt to sense and solve a problem before it takes place may be termed as ____.
Select correct option:
Proactive Response
Reactive Response

Question # 17
While conducting job analysis the 'Observation Method' is useful when:
Select correct option:
Job requires more intellectual skills to complete
Job is repetitive in nature
Job is market oriented and requires more data
Job consists of physical activity like machine operations

Question # 18
Which one is correct sequence for conducting interviews?
Select correct option:
Establish rapport .Ask questions. Review the interview. Close the interview.
Establish rapport .Ask questions .Close the interview. Review the interview
Ask questions. Establish rapport .Close the interview. Review the interview
Establish rapport. Ask questions. . Review the interview .Close the interview.

Question # 19
PIA fully sponsors Al-Shifa Trust, which offers aid and rehabilitation services to special children .At the same time PIA is providing help to non profit organizations. This is
Select correct option:
Social responsibility of PIA
Liability of PIA
LEGAL responsibility OF PIA

Question # 20
Human resource management considers organization as:
Select correct option:

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MGT501 Quiz (Human Resource Management) Quiz#2
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