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 CS504 Quiz (Software Engineering-I) Quiz#1

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PostSubject: CS504 Quiz (Software Engineering-I) Quiz#1   Wed Nov 16, 2011 2:06 pm

CS504 Quiz
Software Engineering - I

Question # 1
An external entity that interacts with a system is called a(n):
Select correct option:
use case

Question # 2
There are some types of requirements that can not be documented in the use cases.
Select correct option:

Question # 3
A context diagram:
Select correct option:
describes detailed design of a system
is a DFD which gives an overview of the system
is a detailed description of a system
is not used in drawing a detailed DFD

Question # 4
______ is one of the techniques to document domain knowledge
Select correct option:
State transition diagram
Feasibility matrix
System matrix
None of given options

Question # 5
In Data Flow Diagram (DFD), data flow can:
Select correct option:
Only originate from an external entity
Only terminate in an external entity
Originate and terminate in an external entity
Either originate or terminate in an external entity but not both

Question # 6
A Process in Data Flow Diagram (DFD) represents
Select correct option:
Flow of data
Transformation of data
Storage of data
An external agent

Question # 7
Data Flow diagram (DFD) does not capture control flow information, it just shows the flow of the data in a system.
Select correct option:

Question # 8
Regarding Flow Chart which of the following statement(s) is/are TRUE:[/b]
Select correct option:
Flow charts are usually used to describe flow of control in a system
Flow Charts just show the flow of the data in a system.
Looping or Iterations can not be represented in Flow Chart
None of given options

Question # 9
System models include:
Select correct option:
User business processes
User activities for conducting the business processes
Processes that need to be automated
All of the given options

Question # 10
In use case diagram, an ellipse signifies a(n):
Select correct option:
use case
system boundary

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CS504 Quiz (Software Engineering-I) Quiz#1
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