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 FIN630 Quiz (Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management)

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PostSubject: FIN630 Quiz (Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management)   Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:16 pm

FIN630 Quiz
Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

Question # 1
Which of the following is the ratio of share price to stockholder equity as measured on the

balance sheet?
Select correct option:
Price to book value ratio
Price to sales ratio
Leverage ratio
Debt coverage ratio

Question # 2
Which of the following trading systems is used by the Karachi Stock Exchange?
Select correct option:

Question # 3
The S&P 500 Composite Stock Index is favored by most institutional investors and money

managers. What does S&P stands for?
Select correct option:
Sophisticated and Poised
Standard and Poor
Stylish and Permanent
Sojourn and Perennial

Question # 4
More investors are using technical analysis now than in earlier periods because:
Select correct option:
Investors are able to know the quantitative calculations of technical analysis
More business schools are now teaching technical analysis
The Internet makes more data available to track stock prices
There is now more empirical evidence supporting technical analysis

Question # 5
Which of the following represents an unusually risky stock?
Select correct option:
Blue chip stock
Growth stock
Penny stock
None of the given options

Question # 6
The industries that are least affected by recessions and economic adversity are referred as

which of the following?
Select correct option:
Growth industries
Cyclical industries
Interest-sensitive industries
Defensive industries

Question # 7
Which of the following depicts a bullish trend in stock market?
Select correct option:
Stock price drop below support level
Stock price rises above support level
Stock price drop below resistant level
None of given options

Question # 8
In bottom-up approach of fundamental analysis, investors begin their analysis with:
Select correct option:

Question # 9
In which of the following charts days do not matter?
Select correct option:
Line and pie charts
Bar and pie charts
Bar and line charts
Point and figure charts

Question # 10
In which of the following the investors look at the historical perspective?
Select correct option:
Value investment
Interactive investment
Growth investment
Accredited investment

Question # 11
Which one of the following is correct formula for calculating gross margin?
Select correct option:
Net Profit/Net Sales
Gross Profit/Net Sales
Net income/Net Sales
Gross Profit/credit Sales

Question # 12
The circuit breaker that is applied where stock prices in the market are dropping is known

as which of the following?
Select correct option:

Question # 13
On Balance Volume one of technical indicator use _____ as base.
Select correct option:

Question # 14
In which of the following accounts the trading charges are high?
Select correct option:
Savings account
System account
Personal account
Cash account

Question # 16
Which of the following terms refer to the recurring and fluctuating levels of economic

activity that an economy experiences over a long period of time?
Select correct option:
Claims cycle
Reaction cycle
Business cycle
Capital cycle

Question # 17
Which one of the following is correct formula for calculating operating margin?
Select correct option:
Net Profit/Net Sales
Net income/Net Sales
Operating income/Net Sales
Operating income/credit sales

Question # 18
_____ do not change the collective wealth of shareholders.
Select correct option:
Stock splits
Bonus shares
Right shares
All of the following

Question # 19
Which of the following is the reason stock prices behave the way they do at resistance

Select correct option:
Many investors want to buy at this price
Market makers resist moving prices lower than this price
Many investors want to sell at this price
Market makers support prices at this level

Question # 20
Which of the following ratios are of more concern for the shareholders?
Select correct option:
Liquidity and profitability
Liquidity and leverage
Profitability and activity
Profitability and leverage

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FIN630 Quiz (Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management)
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