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 CS501 Quiz (Advance Computer Architecture) Quiz#1

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PostSubject: CS501 Quiz (Advance Computer Architecture) Quiz#1   Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:44 am

CS501 Quiz
Advance Computer Architecture

Question # 1
Which operator is used to ‘name’ registers, or part of registers, in the Register Transfer Language?
Select correct option:

Question # 2
Which field of the machine language instruction is the "type of operation” that is to be performed?
Select correct option:
Op-code (or the operation code)
CPU registers
Memory cells
I/O locations

Question # 3
Execution time of a program with respect to the processor is calculated as:
Select correct option:
Execution Time = IC x CPI x MIPS
Execution Time = IC x CPI x T
Execution Time = CPI x T x MFLOPS
Execution Time = IC x T

Question # 4
An “assembler” that runs on one processor and translates an assembly language program written for another processor into the machine language of the other processor is called a ----------------
Select correct option:
cross assembler

Question # 5
In which of the following instructions the data move between a register in the processor and a memory location (or another register) and are also called data movement?
Select correct option:
None of the given

Question # 6
Which one of the following circuit design levels is called the gate level?
Select correct option:
Logic Design Level
Circuit Level
Mask Level
None of the given

Question # 7
Which type of instructions load data from memory into registers, or store data from registers into memory and transfer data between different kinds of special-purpose registers?
Select correct option:
Data transfer
Floating point

Question # 9
Almost every commercial computer has its own particular ---------- language
Select correct option:
English language
Higher level language
assembly language

Question # 10
Which one of the following is the highest level of abstraction in digital design in which the computer architect views the system for the description of system components and their interconnections?
Select correct option:
Processor-Memory-Switch level (PMS level)
Instruction Set Level
Register Transfer Level
None of the given
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CS501 Quiz (Advance Computer Architecture) Quiz#1
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