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 MGT501 (Paper) Human Resource Management [Past Paper] (3)

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PostSubject: MGT501 (Paper) Human Resource Management [Past Paper] (3)   Tue Oct 18, 2011 6:54 am

MGT501 Paper
Human Resource Management
[Past Paper]


Paper #3


Question No: 1
Different business situation where we can find Negotiation?

Question No: 2
How retailer use technology for improving their performance?

Question No: 3
Suppose you are going to buy an item which is offered for Rs.5000
Consider these situations? There is 10% discount, There is 10% surcharge
Calculate price you are going to pay for the item in each case?

Question No: 4
How vertical marketing system differ from horizental marketing sysetm?

Question No: 5
What are the activity included in the nonseeling time of sale person?

Question No: 6
Describe teh scope and requiremetn for conduction the quantitive marketing research?

Question No: 7
Explain safety needs. give atleast 4 exapmles?

Question No: 8
Cell phones n video games have now become mass media. Justify this with logical reasons?

Question No: 9
Explain why promotion is a weak area of wholsalersh?

Question No: 10
How you consider the Retail pricing and describe any two strategies which retailer used when he is setting the price policies?

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MGT501 (Paper) Human Resource Management [Past Paper] (3)
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